Chris Lee

Magpie inkcap' (A1 - spotted mushroom)

'Parasol' (A1 - ball headed mushroom)

'Inkcap' (A1 slim white mushroom )

'Root shank' (A4 - umbrella shaped mushroom)

'Fly agaric' (A4 - open spotted mushroom)

Cyanotype on cold press watercolour paper

My intention was simply to investigate an impulse to be alone and connect with something more authentic and true to myself. Deep in the woods, I found that the closer I looked, the more wonders would appear, and the more I saw, the more fascinated I became. Using the sunlight, I was able to work from home at select hours to experiment and create. This turned into a meditative process that offered a lot of organic feedback during this solitary period of confinement in 2020. I can't say that I have looked at mushrooms quite the same since.