HIDDEN will be a week-long, public exhibition that celebrates and uncovers the talents, creativity and expertise held by RCA non-academic staff members, regardless of their day to day role within the College. We warmly welcome both experienced artists and designers and those who may never have shown their work before to join us and exhibit in an inclusive space alongside peers and colleagues. HIDDEN is: Community-centred, self-organised and autonomous; supported by the college, but not run by it.

Contributors —

Alba Ceide
Amir Behbahani
Annie Richardson
Ben Beanland
Benji Jeffrey
Bernadette Victoria Silva
Bethany Malcolm
Brigitte Lelievre
Charlotte Raymen
Chloe Valorso
Chris Lee
Constantina Riala
Corinne Noble
Eleanor Thompson
Elise Ruffell
Eloise O'Brian Scott
Etan Kinsella McLennan
Francesco de Manincor
Gabriel Mansfield
Guy Nesfield
Heidi Harrington
Ian Whittaker
Izzie Kpobie-Mensah
Jake McCombe
Jane Landau
Jennifer Harding
Jessica Robinson
Josephine Kibuka
Kevin Koekkoek
Kyle Ramsey
Laura Newton
Lewin St Cyr
Leyla Dincer
Livvy Fink
Lucy Gallwey
Lucy Whiting
Luke Paine
Lynda Lorraine
Mariam Abo-Hammad
Mary Pedicini
Melanie Issaka
Melanie Smith
Michelle Gerke
Mike Atherton
Narges Pourshahrokhi
Neil Parkinson
Nelson Crespo
Oscar Eaton
Pam Su
Patricia Hilbert
Pietro Bardini
Rae Murphy
Rebecca McGowan
Richard Hopkinson
Richard Power
Rosie Green + Hannah Auerbach George
Sara Saleh
Sarah Mercer
Scott Freeland
Scott Freeland
Sotiris Gonis
Stacey Annoh-Antwi
Tom Mason
Tom Railton
Vivienne Wen Du
William Hart
Yambita Pottery (Ana Camarero)
Yi Dai